Selection of Sportswear on the Globy B2B Marketplace

The demand for sportswear increases every year. There is also a tendency to popularize fitness, yoga, active dancing, gymnastics, and other disciplines. In this regard, people are increasingly entering the sporting goods departments, as well as picking up things on the internet. Sportswear is becoming a profitable speculative object: you can order goods in bulk and sell them at retail outlets or in B2C marketplaces. Of course, brands play a big role: customers appreciate convenience, but at the same time they want to look fashionable and modern. 

Let’s try to find out what B2B marketplaces are and what they are good for. The lowest prices for clothes can be found on the internet, but you can order a large batch of goods only in specialized stores. For instance, there is a „Sportswear“ section on the official Globy website, which offers a wide range of T-shirts, hoodies, socks, gear, shorts, etc. You can choose a supplier based on the country of incorporation of the company. The price in the product card may be indicated approximately since the final cost is set during negotiations with the seller.

Profitable Goods and Popular Items

If you carefully look at the things in the sports section, you can notice a pattern: the most profitable products are offered by manufacturers from the following countries: Pakistan, India, Vietnam, and China. Prices in these countries are really lower. This is due to the fact that mass production of textiles, cotton, and semi-synthetic fabrics has been established. 

There are also factories producing clothing. Wholesale purchases in such countries are actually becoming profitable, and more and more suppliers from Asian regions are appearing. Next, the most popular lots that are available on Globy in the sports section will be listed:

  • pullover made of environmentally friendly material; 
  • football stamp with a factory print; 
  • set of professional uniforms; 
  • stretch spandex sports T-shirts; 
  • personalized polo shirt, and others.

Pay attention to the size of the clothes, as they vary depending on the country and region. This is especially important for shoe size, so it is best to focus on the length of the foot. This parameter is always specified in a table in the product description. When ordering in bulk, it is recommended to combine the sizes so that it is easier to sell the product. 

It is best to send the shipment in an FCL-type container so that all your belongings are placed in one container. Shipping by sea is a priority, as it is cheaper and safer. You can arrange a trial batch with the supplier so that your experts can check the products for compliance with the requirements. Clothes should be comfortable, safe, odorless, durable, and of high quality.

Role of B2B Marketplaces in the Sportswear Trade

Such marketplaces were specifically created so that you can choose and purchase clothes in large quantities while choosing the type of delivery: by rail, ocean, or motor transport. Some establishments, such as Globy, operate all over the world, that is, you can find suppliers from Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, and find the most profitable option for you. 

Many buyers try to cooperate directly with the clothing manufacturer in order to get the highest quality. In some cases, it is more profitable to order goods from resellers if they are located closer. The originality of the brand is also important. 

If you have received an item of a different brand or that does not match the description, you can request a refund if this is stipulated in the contract with the supplier. Sportswear can be professional or can be used for everyday wear. More stringent requirements are imposed on professional equipment, and the price is higher. Casual shorts, T-shirts, shirts, and polos are cheaper and the demand for them is higher. 

Nowadays, people choose more comfortable and simple clothes, focusing primarily on convenience. The larger the batch of goods, the lower the cost. Each unit must be properly folded and packaged. On the Globy website, you can redeem the cargo if the buyer did not show up and did not pick it up on time.

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